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Internationally acclaimed Champs Steve & Heidi, famous for their phenomenal footwork, fun and creativity, are unquestioanbly one of the best Balboa Swing dance partnerships in the world. Steve & Heidi thrive on bringing their style of Balboa, Bal-Swing and Lindy Hop to dancers all over the globe (so far to England, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Hungary, France, Austria, Sweden & Canada and too many states to list). Steve & Heidi are the 2005 National Jitterbug Pro Balboa Division Champions, the 2005 International Bal-Swing Champions (where the best from around the world competed for the cup) and the 2006 California Swing Dance Hall of Fame Rising & Nova Stars. Much more importantly they are superb swing dance instructors sought after for classes, workshops and private lessons worldwide. With over 20 years of combined teaching experience, Steve & Heidi not only bring their knowledge of the way Balboa & LA Style Swing was originally done in the 30's & 40's but also bring lots of fun and exciting moves they have created and innovated over the years, combining LA Swing and Savoy styles with Balboa.

"The best Balboa couple you've ever seen in your whole life." ~ John Wheaton, Monetrey SwingFest

Famous for their amazing and creative footwork, Steve & Heidi teach Balboa as it was done by the old-timers and Bal-Swing & LA Style Lindy Hop with their very own style and flair and what they call JitterBal, their fun and exciting combination between Balboa and Lindy Hop. After teaching in the San Franicsco Bay Area for over five years, together with their precious baby girl Juliette, they moved to Southern California where they taught weekly classes for a year. While no longer teaching weekly classes, they still give special workshops and travel around the globe bringing their knowledge of dance. They also teach countless students in their homes using their eight Instructional Swing Dance DVDs.

Steve & Heidi both have a remarkable understanding of body movement and mechanics and can break down moves and provide dance technique in easily understandable ways. Together their love for the dance has created a teaching style which combines education and humor, making the dance lessons easier to assimilate and ensuring fun, laughter and learning. You will also learn directly from Steve & Heidi the many moves Steve has created over the past years, which many instructors all over the world teach in their Bal-Swing repertoire today, as well as the latest moves Steve & Heidi have innovated together and the way to seamlessly mix and match all the swing dances, which they have coined "JitterBal". And of course they can bring to you what those amazing gems of swing, the old-timers, have taught them. Most importantly, they can impart the true Balboa "feel" which is at the heart of this amazing dance.

Steve & Heidi were featured in a great article about Balboa in a mainstream Dance Magazine.

"They are just as strong in technique as they are in natural talent, and they have the rare ability to teach all levels from beginners to advanced." ~ Riley Wimes, Jr., BigTymeSwing, Chicago, IL

Steve & Heidi
Photos of Steve & Heidi
By James Glossinger

Steve & Heidi

Steve Garrett
Steve has been dancing since 1996 and his voracious appetite for history aided in his emerging into a Big Band music and dance historian, helping him understand all the different styles of Swing and why they fit so well with evolving music rhythms of the time.

Steve was fortunate to have learned much of his Swing and Balboa directly from the old-timers who he actively sought out. The old timers are those amazing dancers who innovated and danced the dance in the 30's & 40's, won jitterbug contests, and performed in the Swing era movies. Over many years Steve studied one on one on a steady and regular basis with the greats: Maxie Dorf, Anne Mills, Bart Bartolo, Hal Takier, Willie Desatof and others.

Steve brings to the classes well-rounded skills and abilities acquired and developed outside of swing. Steve is a graduate from the San Francisco Academy of Art University where he received a BFA in cinema/3D animation. Steve is also a Kung Fu San Soo Master, with over 20 years of study.

Heidi Salerno
Heidi comes to Swing with a trained knowledge of dance and body movement, which she acquired as a dance major as well as from a long history of studying and teaching ballet, tap and jazz spanning over several decades, and even spent several years in the circus ... seriously.

Heidi started swing dancing in 1999 and was also fortunate to learn many moves one on one directly from the old-timers, including Hal Takier, Dean Raftery, Ann Mills and Natalie Esparza. Heidi embraces her feminist roots and strives to bring to follows all the fun and flair that has been historically reserved for the leads.

Heidi too brings to the classes her talents and training beyond swing and dance. She is a Deputy Attorney General for the California Department of Justice, practicing in civil defense litigation, aka, she's a trial lawyer.

Heidi also designs and maintains the website (in .html), so you can send any suggestions, comments or complaints to her.


Recognized in 2006 by the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame in the Rising Star category.


Recongized in 2006 by the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame in the Nova Star category.

*The Derby, LA, CA for a year
*Camp Hollywood, LA, CA
*The Satin Ballroom, LA, CA
*Spring Fling Swing Thing, Cin., Ohio
*The Dance Fun Weekend, Laughlin & Las Vegas, NV
*Susie Q's, LA, CA for a year
*Camp Swing, Mendocino, CA, 2001
*The Golden Gate Ball & Jam, SF, CA
*Jitterbug Jam, Thousand Oaks, CA
*Pre-Boogie Baeren, Munich, Germany
*and many, many more.
Steve & Heidi together have taught at:
*Weekly Classes in the Bay Area for over 5 years
*Weekly Classes in Pasadena
*Weekly Classes in North Hollywood
*American Lindy Hop Championships, Stamford, CT (Judges)
*U.S. Open, San Jose, CA (Fast Dance Exhibition)
*Balboa Rendezvous, San Diego, CA 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
*Balboa on the River, Brisbane, Australia 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
*Polar Opposites Tour, Perth, Australia 2006, 2007, 2008
*Blitz on Bal, Auckland, New Zealand 2009
*Budapest Bal-Swing Nights, Budapest, Hungary, 2005
*Return of the Bal-Swing, Budapest, Hungary, 2006
*Lindy Shock, Budapest, Hungary, 2008
*Moscow Swing Dance Society, Moscow, Russia, 2005, 2007
*Balboa Revival, Malmo, Sweden 2009
*Stockholm Swing Society, Stockholm, Sweden 2007
*HepCat City Camp, Lund Sweden, 2005
*Balboa Paris Festival, Paris, France, 2007
*Paris Swing Festival, Paris, France 2008
*Grimaldi Danse, Grenoble, France 2009
*Canadian Balboa Championships, Quebec, Canada 2008
*Some Like It Hot, Vienna, Austria 2008
*San Francisco Balboa Festival, San Francisco, CA 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
*Swingin' New Year, San Diego, CA 2009
*Dance Manhattan, New York, NY, 2005, 2006, 2007
*Night Train, Whistle Stop, Purdue University, Indiana, 2009
*Swingin' New England, Falmouth, Mass, 2006
*FrimFram, New York, NY
*Sving Du Nord, Minneapolis, MN 2005
*Big Tyme Swing, Chicago, IL 2005
*Swing Dance USA, Tampa, FL 2006
*23Skidoo, Denver, CO 2005
*Eastern Balboa Championships, Greensboro, NC 2005
*The London Balboa Festival, London, England 2003, 2007
*All Bal Camp Detroit, Detroit, MI 2004, 2005
*Camp Swing, Mendocino, CA 2002-2006
*Lindy/West Coast Swing Connection, Irvine, CA
*Monterey SwingFest, Monterey, CA, 2004-2007
*The NCLS Frankie Manning Workshop, Oakland, CA, 2003-2007
*Lindy Groove, Pasadena, CA
*O.C. Swing Club Workshops, Newport Beach, CA
*VS3 Weekend Workshop, LA, CA
*Herb's Place Workshops, LA, CA
*Reno Dance Sensation, Reno, NV
*The Dance Fun Weekend, Laughlin, NV
*City College San Francisco, SF, CA
*Dogskool Instructors at the Doghouse, SF, CA, 2003, 2006
*Metronome Ballroom, SF, CA
*Guest Instructors at Swing Central, Redwood City, CA
*Guest Instructors at Sunday Swing Dance Party, Oakland, CA
*Shag Workshop at Rhythm, Oakland CA
*Aboard the U.S.S. Hornet, Alameda, CA
*And more, including students' homes all over the world who have bought their Swing Dance Instructional DVD set.
*Aerials Workshop with Jason Vaughn, Alhambra CA, 2009
*Woodside Jump, Santa Rosa, CA
*The Golden Gate Ball & Jam, SF, CA
*The Metronome Ballroom, SF, CA
*Jazz Dance in dance studios throughtout LA since the late 1980's.
While awards are fun, we truly believe that what makes a great teacher is not a trophy or ribbon.
How an instructor instructs is the most important, ribbon or no.
Our number one goal is to provide the best swing dance instruction to all of our students.
Please click here to read reviews of our teaching.
Steve placed 1st in:
*2004 ALHC, Masters Division
*2002 Golden Gate Ball & Jam, Balboa
*2001 National Jitterbug Championships
*2001 Cal Balboa Championships
*2001 Jack & Jill, Jitterbug Jam
*2000 Susie Q's Shag Contest
*2000 Jitterbug Ball
*1999 Jitterbug Ball
*And placed in numerous other
competitions as well, including
*2nd at 2005 Balboa Invitational Jack & Jill at ABCD, Detroi MI,
*2nd at 2003 Balboa Invitational
Jack & Jill at ABW, Cleveland, OH.
Steve & Heidi together have placed:
****1st 2005 International Bal-Swing Championships****
*1st 2005 National Jitterbug Championships,
Pro Balboa Division
*2nd 2005 Classic Balboa/Bal-Swing Championships, Ohio
*2nd 2004 California Balboa Championships, Balboa Division
*2nd 2004 California Balboa Championships, Swing Division
*1st 2003 California Balboa Championships, Balboa Division
*2nd 2003 California Balboa Championships, Swing Division
*2nd 2003 Classic Balboa/Bal-Swing Championships, Ohio
*1st 2003 Gatsby Summertime, Lindy Division
*2nd 2003 Boogie by the Bay, Strictly Lindy Division
*3rd 2002 Boogie by the Bay, Strictly Lindy Division
*1st 2007 OC Balboa Championships
*ist 2008 Nor Cal Balboa Battle
Other Accomplishments
*2003 Steve & Heidi were featured dancers in the KQED  documentary "Big Band Magic."
*2005 Steve & Heidi were the principal dancers in the theathre show  "Swing Era."
*2004 California Swing Dance Hall of Fame nominees. *2009 Attempted to break the Guinness World Record for "Most Dance Spins in a Minute", clocking 116 spins in one minute, record was 113.
Heidi placed 1st in:
*2005 Balboa Invitational Jack & Jill at ABCD, Detroit, MI
*2002 Fast Dance Contest, SF
*2001 Golden Gate Ball & Jam, Lindy
*And placed in several other competitions, including:
* 2nd at the 2004 Balboa Invitational Jack & Jill at EBC, Greensboro, NC.
*And has performed at numerous  events, including New Year’s Eve  aboard the U.S.S. Hornet, and has  appeared dancing in various media.

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