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Please join Steve & Heidi at the <A HREF="http://www.2plyswing.com/Z_RENDEZVOUS/BR_AA_home.htm" Target="_blank" CLASS="nav" STYLE="text-decoration: none">Balboa Rendezvous</A>, April 8 - 11, 2010.</B><BR>

Pre Registration Price Break ends March 27, 2010.<BR>

There will be 20 couples from around the world teaching a wide array of Bal & Bal-Swing,<BR>

including some fun and exciting classes with Steve & Heidi!<P>






You can get more information <A HREF="http://www.2plyswing.com/Z_RENDEZVOUS/BR_AA_home.htm" Target="_blank" CLASS="nav" STYLE="text-decoration: none">here</A> about this great camp with a full day of classes,<BR>

Friday, Saturday and Sunday night dances, including the Sunday night dance<BR>

at the historic Balboa Pavilion.<BR>

The 2010 International Balboa Championships will also take place during the weekend.<BR>

The space for this event is limited so sign up early.<BR>

<B><I><FONT COLOR="FFCC33">Please reference Steve & Heidi's name when you register.</FONT COLOR><BR>On the registration form [click <A HREF="http://www.2plyswing.com/Z_RENDEZVOUS/BR_REG_FORM.asp" Target="_blank" CLASS="nav" STYLE="text-decoration: none">here</A>] just scroll down to "referral information" and in the pull down menu select Steve & Heidi's name, it's fun and easy, give it a try!</I></B><P>

Feel free to <A HREF="contact.html" CLASS="nav" STYLE="text-decoration: none">email</A> us if you have any questions.<P>





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<IMG SRC="LSB.gif" BORDER="0" NAME="one" ALT="Bal, Bal-Swing & Lindy Hop" width="94" height="27"></A>

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